Structure and Government Organisms

ASIP is conducted by three Government organisms: the Deliberative Board, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Secretariat.

The Deliberative Board is composed of all countries that have formed local National Public Budget Associations, comprised of professionals and specialists working in the budget and financial administration areas and of the Budget Directors. General Meetings, both ordinary and extraordinary, are held to define the general orientation of the Association’s policies.

Its authorities are appointed by representatives of the member countries every two years.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the elaboration of policies and their implementation, after their approval in the General Meetings, and for the management and administration of ASIP in all aspects. Its authorities are appointed by member countries every three years.

The Executive Secretariat, with headquarters in the city of Buenos Aires, is in charge of implementing a calendar of events, of executing the approved annual budgets and of any mandate given by the Board of Directors. The Executive Secretary is appointed by the Board of Directors.

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