Comparative Data of WorldWide Public Finances

ASIP’s specialists are working on processing various comparative data and carrying out studies that may be useful to technicians, professional and investigators, who perform their activities in the field of budget or public finances.

To consult these comparative data and studies that will soon be available on this page, a Previous Subscription will be required. ASIP does not charge for the contents, but for processing, on line availability, translations and adjustment services that allow a quick access to the papers.

The comparative data and studies that will soon be available comprise the following topics:

  • Comparative analysis of social security systems.
  • Comparative analysis of the budgeting process in various countries.
  • National Congress participation in the budgeting process of various countries.
  • Relation between public debt and GDP.
  • Levels of Social Spending.
  • Levels of Defense and Security Spending.
  • Etc.

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