External users may use the following services free: use of the reading room, consult the Library catalogue and make phone and mail consults about the bibliography in our Library. To use the other above mentioned services (except home lending which is a service non rendered to external users), you should pay at the Secretary, the rate set for each of them, which amounts are shown in this document, which are revised and updated periodically.

Print from a CD
(Per page)
U$S 0,30
Copy to Pen Drive
U$S 18 must be added in case the material is forwarded by Pen Drive
U$S 20,00
Copy to CD-Rom U$S 4,00
Hard copy of bibliographical lists
(Per page)U$S 2 must be added to this amount for the compilation job
U$S 0,10
Digitization per image
It includes transmission by E-mail.
U$S 0,30
Right for use of image U$S 4,00

The amount for digitization will reach the following values if you want the forwarding of electronic media (CD/Pen Drive) by postal mail:

For Argentina
per page
U$S 0,30
For Latin American countries
per page
U$S 0,50
For the Rest of the World
per page
U$S 0,75

Photocopies: prices for the photocopier service The service is free. The user shall only pay for the expenses incurred: number of photocopies, payment of copyright if applicable and forwarding expenses. In the case of members, they may ask for a maximum quantity of 5 (five) articles of no more than 3 (three) pages each per year and the expenses are afforded by the Association. Once the above mentioned quantity is covered, the member should pay the expenses set for the services.

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