Annual Prize

Conditions of Entry

As in previous years, ASIP has decided to award the ASIP Annual Prize to the best essay on budgetary and public finance issues, corresponding to the year 2007. On this occasion, ASIP has defined the topic as:

“Conceptualizations and methods to gauge productivity within the public sector ”

The prize, which will consist of the sum of US$ 2,000, will be given to the best unpublished essay and there will be two honorable mentions. In all cases, the winning articles will be published in the International Journal of Public Budget, which is periodically issued by the Association.

General conditions

  • The selection of the best essays shall be made by a rotating International Jury composed of four persons from different ASIP member countries. The Jury members shall be appointed by ASIP’s Deliberative Board authorities, two months prior to receiving the essays.
  • The winning essay will be granted US$ 2,000 and shall be published by the International Journal of Public Budget.
  • There will be two honorable mentions for the essays ranked second and third. These papers shall be published by the international Journal of Public Budget.
  • The essays shall not exceed 12,000 (twelve thousand) words and they shall meet the General Conditions and Style Requirements for articles to be published in the International Journal of Public Budget.
  • Candidates shall deliver five copies of the essay and its corresponding magnetic media to the corresponding National Association before October 15th, 2007. The Jury’s final decision shall be made public on November 30th, 2007.
  • All individual or institutional ASIP members may participate.
  • Appeal may be lodged against the Jury’s decision.

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