ASIP 2014 Annual Prize

As in previous years, the Executive Secretariat  is calling to a contest  to award ASIP Annual Prize  to the best unpublished essay, which prize amounts to US$ 2,000.

On this occasion, ASIP has decided to establish the following topic: “How to  increase fiscal space,  to increase social spending”.

We would like to remind you that  this year, the applicants  should send their paper to the corresponding National Association before the 15th November, 2014.

In the case of those countries not  having a National Association, the application  will be directly assessed  by ASIP´s Executive Secretariat. The jury´s decision  will be made  public on the 15th  December, 2014.


ü  This year, the International Association of Public Budget (ASIP) has decided, by mutual agreement with the member countries, that those authors interested in participating should  send their papers  to ASIP´s Executive Secretariat.

ü  As stipulated in the Annual Prize Bases, the selected essay  should be related to  budgeting and public financial management topics  which ASIP  decides each year, and the extension should not exceed the amount of  12,000 (twelve thousand) words, and it may be written in any of the  three official languages  of ASIP (Spanish, Portuguese, English). The papers should comply  with the general conditions and style guidelines  required by ASIP for the publication of papers in the  International Journal of Public Budget, that may be consulted at  Aqui

ü  The selected paper  will be sent to the International Association of  Public Budget (ASIP) with the corresponding digital format, before the 15th  November, 2014, so allow the  International Jury to take a decision,  according to the  stipulations in the Bases of the Contest.

ü  The National Associations of Budget  may eventually become  receptors  of the questions  of the participants to the contest, and be used  as the proper vehicle to channel their contributions.

ü  This modality  contributes to strengthen  that institutional network that ASIP  is building in order to promote  discussions, debates and exchange of ideas among the specialists from different  countries devoted to  budgeting and  public finances.


As in previous years,  the International Association of  Public Budget has decided to  call a contest to award ASIP Annual Prize  to the best essay  about budgeting and public finance  corresponding to 2014.

This year ASIP has decided to  establish the following topic: “How to  increase fiscal space,  to increase social spending”.

A first prize shall be  awarded to the best unpublished essay, consisting of an amount of  two thousand American dollars (U$S 2,000), and there will be  two special  mentions. In all the cases, the winning papers will be published  in the International Journal  of Public Budget  periodically issued  by the Association.

General Conditions:

  •  The selection of the best papers  will be made by a rotating International Jury, integrated by four  members from different countries  that form  part of  ASIP. The members of the jury shall be elected by the authorities of ASIP´s Deliberative Council, two months before  the date of reception of the articles.
  • The work awarded the first prize  will receive two thousand Amercian dollars, US$ 2,000, and will be published by the  International Journal of Public Budget.
  • There will be two special mentions for the works obtaining   the second and third prize. These works will also be published  in the  International Journal of  Public Budget.
  • The applicants must  send their papers  with the corresponding digital format  to the National International Association of  Public Budget (ASIP). The jury´s decision  will be made public on the 15th December, 2014.
  • All the individual or institutional members of ASIP may participate in the contest, among which  are the National Associations  and Budget Directions of the associated countries.
  • The jury´s decision is final.

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